Albania-EU, Committee of Stabilization and Association gathered in Brussels
06/10/2017 - 18:24

The European Commission has asked Albania for tangible results, especially in the implementation of judicial reform, vetting of judges and prosecutors and the fight against corruption and organized crime.

During the 8th meeting of the Committee for Stabilization and Relations between Albania and the European Union, which was held in Brussels, the European commission’s representatives emphasized that Albania has made positive improvements across all sectors, but still a lot of work is needed in the main sectors.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement reads that the European Commission welcomed the positive progress in all areas as well as stressed the need to see tangible results and to continue progress on all key priorities, including the fight against corruption and organized crime, cultivation and trafficking of cannabis, public administration reform and fundamental rights.

At the meeting, it was also spoken about the phenomenon of asylum seeking. The Albanian authorities were encouraged to engage in addressing this problem.

According to the foreign ministry’s announcement, The European Commission has admitted the commitment of Albanian authorities to curb asylum seeking but urged them to continue with the efforts to address this issue.

The European Commission recalled that the regional collaboration and good neighborly relations are an essential part of Albania’s progress on the road to European integration.

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