Chat line, a 32 year old woman recruited girls for online prostitution
08/09/2017 - 18:49

Standing accused of exploiting girls for online prostitution, the administrator of Chat Line and her husband were handed decisions by the Court of Tirana today, ordering for the administrator’s in-house arrest and the imprisonment of her husband.

The prosecutor asked for house arrest for the administrator of the chat line on the basis that she is the mother of two minor children, aged five and one years respectively.

At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the court ordered for “appearance on obligation” for the seven girls who had been conducting this activity for some time.

The 7 girls are students in different universities and refused to speak during the court session.

Meanwhile, the administrator of the chat line claimed she did not know that this activity is a criminal offense.

The prosecution’s investigation discovered that the girls were involved in this activity for some time and that they were earning up to 1 million in old lek per month.

The prosecution has raised the accusation “recruitment of girls for prostitution’. The 32 year old administrator of the chat line conducted the illegal activities in a rented apartment, hiring young girls and using them for virtual prostitution. 


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