City hall’s investments, Mayor inspected work for construction of 23rd playground
08/09/2017 - 18:53

Residents of administrative unit number 7 in the capital will have a new recreational space for the elderly and an entertainment space for children.

The Municipality of Tirana has begun work for the construction of the 23rd playground in administrative unit number 7.

During his inspection of the work, the Mayor said that investments will be extended even further over the next two years.

Tirana’s Mayor closely followed the start of the work for the new playground, which is the 23rd built by the City Hall.

Mayor Veliaj said that the City Hall’s attention will be focused towards the young and the elderly.

“A community that does not think about the elderly and children is a community without a future.

“If we do not think about the extremes of life, when someone needs help and the hand of the municipality, it is very difficult to have healthy communities.

“We started investments in all neighborhoods and small communities.

“I look forward to completing the construction of the playground before the cold weather starts, so that all the residents of the area can enjoy staying in a restful area below their apartment building, without having to go at the center of Tirana” – said the mayor.

The project for the 23rd playground foresees the creation of a new recreational space, the addition of greenery areas, lighting, the installation of benches, and the installation of various play equipment to entertain the local children.


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