EU integration, Hahn: Integration requires hard work and intense dialogue
08/09/2017 - 18:42

A conference was held today on the occasion of the end of the European integration summer school.

With the closure of the integration summer school, Majlinda Bregu, the chairwoman of the National Council of Integration, also ended her career as deputy of Albania’s Parliament.

During her speech, Mrs. Bregu described herself as having no job starting today, citing a quotation from Churchill.

“To improve is to change, to be perfect means to change often” – said Bregu.

A video message from the Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, was also shown at the conference.

Mr. Hahn said that becoming a member of the European Union is a political choice, which according to him, is fundamental to the country’s future.

“Translating political aspirations into concrete changes and improving quality of life, peace, dignity, and prosperity, is always very complex and demanding. It requires intense, ongoing dialogue to strike a balance in society.

“This is the task of people like you who are prepared to have a role in the integration process. You will need to find a solution ” – said the commissioner in his message.

Meanwhile, the European Union’s ambassador Romana Vlahutin praised the summer integration school, and added that knowledge is fundamental in order for this process to be successful.

“Your engagement will be appreciated by all Albanians. In the delegation we are adding assistants, so applications are open to civil society but also to citizens who want to get involved in the policy dialogues programs.

“This type of process can only be a comprehensive process. It is always very important to have improvements every year” – said Vlahutin.


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