Fires in Albania,8 blazes erupted in the past 24 hours
12/08/2017 - 18:42

The Civil Emergency Service has reported 8 new fires in the past 24 hours. Affected areas include Tiranë, Dibër, Durrës, Vlorë and Gjirokastër.


75 fire-fighting teams, assisted by 13 firefighting vehicles, 100 military forces, helicopters, dozens of volunteers and employees of the Directory of Forests have all been battling the blazes.


In Tirane, the operation to extinguish the fire near the Shëngjergj village continues.


Firefighters and a helicopter are battling the blaze, but isolating the flames remains a challenge, due to the rugged terrain.


The local and central authorities are committed to combating the flames.


Some blazes still appear to be active in Vorë, where firefighting teams are aided by military forces providing air intervention.


In Dibër, the situation is more problematic in the Maqellarë village, where the fire is threatening nearby houses.


The mountainous, rugged terrain, combined with the large surface area of the fire, means that this blaze is particularly challenging for the firefighters and military forces deployed there.


Operations are also being carried out in the Vlora area, where fires remain active in 2 villages.


The firefighting teams are aided by military forces and employees of the forest directory, as they continue the battle with the flames.


The firefighters are trying desperately to control the flames and keep the inferno away from the residential areas of nearby villages.


A helicopter is expected to be sent to extinguish the flames.


In Gjirokastër, fires are still active in three villages.


Firefighters, city hall employees, state police forces and residents of the area are engaged in extinguishing the flames, but the mountainous terrain has made their work difficult.


Two helicopters from Greece have arrived to help with the fires, which are burning a big wooden surface.


Fire has also erupted at the National Park of Qafë Shtama.


Firefighters, employees of the Forest Directory and city hall, as well as residents of the area, are all battling the blazes together there, though it continues to be active.


In Fier, fire has destroyed a surface of bushes, pines and olive trees.


Firefighting teams from three City Halls and military forces have extinguished the fire, which burned a broad area of bushes and pines, 4,000 olive trees and three abandoned houses.


The hot weather, drought and strong winds have favored the spread of fires across the country.


The persisting hot weather ensures the danger of fire remains and as such, the Civil Emergency Specialists are keeping the situation under constant monitoring throughout the country.


Should you notice any signs of fire, do ensure you contact emergency phone numbers, as per the request of the Civil Emergency Service.


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