Electronic bracelets,Ministry of Justice asks for dismissal of its secretary general
12/08/2017 - 19:01

At the conclusion of the administrative investigation regarding the electronic ankle monitoring bracelets, the Ministry has found violations of law by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, who is currently suspended from duty.


According to the minister, after signing the contract and granting relevant funds from the State Budget, the secretary did not follow the necessary legal procedures for this important process affecting public safety.


For this reason, the Ministry of Justice is asking for the dismissal of its Secretary General, and will file a lawsuit to prosecute her for dereliction of duty as the violation is determined to have criminal responsibilities.


Through a statement issued to the media, the Minister of Justice also asks for the dismissal of the Director of the Probation Service, after being found as the one responsible for allowing the private company to administer the ankle bracelets.


Having now acquired the bracelets, and obtaining approval from the company to install the central server of the electronic system at the Ministry, the administrative investigation on the ankle bracelets is now complete.


After the conducted checks, the Ministry of Justice concluded that 72 bracelets were never used, while 63 were used and in good working condition. 


86 bracelets are currently in use by people who are under electronic surveillance, which will later be taken into possession, case by case, by the Ministry of Justice, at the end of the relevant supervisory periods.


The remaining part of the 300 bracelets purchased by the Ministry of Justice, have proven defective.


They were not taken into possession by the Ministry of Justice, but instead returned to the private company who supplied them, in order to be repaired or for a substitution to be issued.


Following the request of the Ministry of Justice, the company has also agreed to install the central electronic server at the operational Observation Hall.


It will now be under the possession of the Ministry of Justice and will be administered and maintained by the private company, as per the terms of the original contract.




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