IAP pipeline, Lu: The project will decrease dependence on Russian gas
08/09/2017 - 18:38

The US Ambassador to Albania, Donald Lu, expressed America’s support for the construction of Ionian-Adriatic gas pipeline.

The pipeline offers a way to obtain a new source of energy that is not dependent on Russia, and as a means to strengthen regional energy collaboration.

The US ambassador, Donald Lu said that the construction of gas pipelines would improve the Albanian economy and the country’s energy sector.

“Albania plays an important role in this project, which will help regional security, cooperation and boost economic growth.

“Above all, this project will liberate Europe from the dependence on Russian gas and the Russian pipeline” – said ambassador Lu.

Meanwhile, the EU ambassador Romana Vlahutin considered the project to be one out of the top 10 priorities for the EU.

“The EU is the muscle behind this project. We, in the EU, are pleased to see the progress that has been made in the discussions about the gas projects.

“Progress on the TAP pipeline and the IAP is one of the top 10 priorities for the European Commission.

“I assure you that the EU will support the cooperation of the Western Balkan countries so that this project can be implemented at the right time” – said Vlahutin.

The Minister of Energy considered the project to be of vital importance and asked for support to overcome the obstacles.

“We hope for support from the EU and the US for the project,” he said.

According to a feasibility study, the 511-km-long pipeline, expected to cost up to 618 million euros, aims to link the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline with Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.



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