New government approved, 78 Parliament members voted in favor, 51 against
13/09/2017 - 18:12

After 22 hours of discussions in Parliament, the new government was approved with 78 votes in favor and 51 against.

The Prime Minister and the Ministers sworn in at the President’s office, paving way for the government to implement its program, which according to the Prime Minister will transform the country.

During the discussions in Parliament, the DP chairman spoke of breaking the political agreement with the Prime Minister, explaining that the core of the agreement, free and fair elections, was not respected.

However, the Prime Minister again asked for the opposition’s collaboration and asked for dialogue for major reforms which are in service of the country’s integration.

The DP chairman responded that the Prime Minister cannot speak of European values and at the same time promote crime and gangs.

The Prime Minister declared that over the 22 hours of discussions and debates in parliament, the Democratic Party once again showed that it has no vision and that it does not offer anything new in comparison with what it did in the past 4 years.

The DP chairman retorted that it is the new government that lacks vision and offers no future for the country, only propaganda.

In the debate that closed the marathon plenary session, the Prime Minister used irony against the DP chairman, saying that Mr. Basha’s speeches are a copy of that from the Leader of the New Republic.

The Prime Minister also responded to accusations by the Democratic Party that votes for the election of Gramoz Ruçi as Assembly Speaker were manipulated.

“I am not surprised and I don’t even blame you when I hear you denying reality.

“It seems that the culture of denying reality has become a politically transmitted disease for you.

“Symptoms of this illness clearly manifested in this case, given the protagonists of the old republic’s claims that the votes were bought by crime” – declared Prime Minister Rama.

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