Parliamentary commissions, SP will head 5 commissions; DP two; SMI one
13/09/2017 - 18:09

The Democratic Party will head 2 out of 3 parliamentary commissions intended to be led by Opposition parties, leaving the Socialist Movement for Integration to head the Commission of Health.

The agreement between the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration was reached after the approval of the government’s program in Parliament.

Afterwards, the Socialist Movement for Integration proposed Petrit Vasili as Chair of the Parliamentary Health Commission.

Mr. Vasili is also the Chair of the Socialist Movement for Integration party itself.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has proposed Albana Vokshi as the Chairwoman of the Media Commission, and Genc Pollo as Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Integration.

The agreement reached between the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration regarding the division of commissions is the first political signal for a possible alliance between the opposition parties.

However, if the rumors at the Democratic Party are to be believed, there is no possibility such a coalition with the SMI in electoral processes will occur.

Meanwhile, the Assembly Speaker Gramoz Ruçi has called a meeting with the Chairmen of the Parliamentary Groups, which is expected to take place.

The Chairmen of the Parliamentary groups will decide when the plenary session will gather tomorrow, and will vote for the composition of the Parliamentary Commissions.

Also, the Socialist Party will gather its Chairmanship tomorrow, in order to appoint the MPs who will head the 5 parliamentary commissions to be led by the majority.

The Socialist Party will also appoint the MPs who will be members of these commissions.

The majority will head 5 parliamentary commissions, out of a total of 8. The opposition parties have the right to head the three other commissions.

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