PJIU’s MP accident,DP suspicious of manipulation of evidence
12/08/2017 - 18:59

The Democratic Party has reacted to the road accident involving the MP from the PJIU, which caused the death of a pedestrian.


Through a statement issued to the media, the Democratic Party says that the event is being hidden and evidence manipulated, as according to the DP, the respective PJIU MP is a close friend of the Prime Minister.


In the statement, the Democratic Party asks the Prosecution for complete transparency regarding the event.


According to the DP, there are serious suspicions that the evidence is being manipulated, in order for the investigations to favor the PJIU MP.


For this reason, the Democratic Party is asking the Prosecution to conduct a complete investigation without being politically affected.


Also, the Democratic Party asks the state police to make details of the road accident public.


According to Democratic Party, the PJIU MP is a close friend of the Prime Minister and was traveling at high speeds when he hit the pedestrian and caused his death.


Also, according to the DP, the PJIU MP fled the scene in his vehicle, in this way destroying evidence at the scene and making it more difficult for experts to determine the circumstances of the events surrounding the accident.


For this reason, the Democratic Party is asking for justice for the victim.


After the issuance of the DPs statement, the Party for Justice Integrity and Unity reacted to the road accident.


First and foremost, the PJIU has expressed its condolences to the family of the victim, before then responding to the Democratic Party’s accusations.


“Regrettably, the Democratic Party is in a miserable situation and is making oppositional politics out of a tragic road accident.


“We are asking the Police and Prosecution to find out the true cause of the accident.


“The DP is miserably abusing the situation and this is a disgrace” – reads the PJIU’s notification.


The PJIU have requested the police and prosecution to focus on the investigation and not to be politically affected. 


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