Reform on public administration, state supreme audit conducted for period April-May 2017
12/10/2017 - 18:09

The Department of Public Administration is hindering the implementation of the reform of the administration.

The Supreme State Audit has conducted an audit for the period April-May 2017 and it found that only 55% of the data regarding employee qualifications and training have been registered in the Human Resource Management Information System.

According to the audit, the local government units are the institutions that have the lowest level of data entered into the system.

But there are also a number of ministries which have not yet registered their full data, among them the Ministry of Interior, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Education.

According to the supreme state audit, the effectiveness and efficiency of this system has not been reached yet and it is not known when it can be achieved.

Starting with this data, the state supreme audit argues that the department of public administration did not carry out monitoring or audits of the data completion process by the institutions in the system.

With these violations in mind, the Supreme State Audit recommends that the Department of Public Administration take all necessary measures to exercise its monitoring and auditing powers and identify problems in order to provide effective and efficient solutions.

Also, the supreme State audit recommends that the Department of Public Administration takes all necessary measures and exercise its powers to identify institutions that have not yet completed the data system.

They insisted on requiring compliance as is the legal obligation.

Making the system functional and its connection with the Treasury System have been priorities set out in the Progress Reports of the European Commission for Albania.

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