Road accident, PJIU MP hit a pedestrian by his vehicle, causing his death
12/08/2017 - 18:49

An MP from the Party for Justice, Integrity and Unity, Aqif Rakipi was involved in a road accident in the early hours of this morning on the Vorë-Tiranë road.


The PJIU MP hit a 54 year old person with his vehicle, resulting in the unfortunate death of the pedestrian.


According to the police notification, the MP attended the police station of his own free will, declaring he had crashed into a person on the highway.


An investigation has been launched to find out the cause of the road accident and a group of experts has been appointed to determine the findings.


Police announced that all procedural and investigative actions have been undertaken and that the driver completed a blood-alcohol test.


The state police clarified that the actions were taken under the Prosecutor’s direction and emphasizes that it will guarantee the implementation of the law.


According to police, the vehicle of the MP is being held by the police department, as it has been seized as evidence.


A statement regarding the circumstances has been released by the Police and reads:


“After receiving the notification, Police took the necessary measures at the scene, conducting the procedural actions with the driver involved in the accident.


“Despite the fact that the driver left the scene to present at the police station, we want to emphasize that all investigative and procedural actions have been undertaken.


“These include a range of criminal examinations, a blood-alcohol test and clarification of the accidents’ circumstances. 


“The vehicle is now at the police station, seized as evidence.


“All actions were taken with complete correctness under the direction of Tirana’s Judicial Prosecution”


After verification of all accumulated evidence, the PJIU MP was let free by the Prosecution, as it was determined that he was not in violation of any road rules.


It is also learned that the pedestrian appeared abruptly on the road, seconds before the MP’s vehicle made impact, making it impossible to have avoided the accident.


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