SP’S parliamentary group, PM calls on SP MPs to work with discipline and seriousness
08/09/2017 - 18:41

The Socialist Party’s new parliamentary group held its first meeting today, headed by the Chairman of the party, Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Ahead of the first plenary session, which will be held tomorrow, Prime Minister Rama asked for socialist MPs to ensure their participation.

“It is really important to highlight the discipline of the Socialist Party’s parliamentary group and of the government.

“These are crucial factors in this legislature and are also a necessary evidence of the willingness to be serious until the end, not only in report with the citizens, but also in the function of constructing the process of co-governance with citizens” -the Prime Minister told the SP MPs.

Following the Democrats rejection of voting for Gramoz Ruçi as Assembly speaker, the Prime Minister called on them to change their decision.

“If they do not vote for Gramoz tomorrow, they will be making a mistake as they are refusing the Member of Parliament with the longest parliamentary experience.

“Also by playing the politics of throwing mud they will be making an even bigger mistake, as the Albanian people do not accept this type of politics.

“They want politics focused on their wellbeing, which does not come from this game.

“Anyway, tomorrow we will confirm Gramoz Ruçi as assembly speaker with the votes of majority” – declared the Prime Minister.

He went on to ask the socialist MPs to be careful with the appointments in public administration.

The Prime Minister warned that appointments made out of nepotism will not be tolerated.

He also told socialist MPs that unjustified absences in plenary sessions will not be tolerated and asked MPs to follow the plenary session’s agenda.

During the meeting, the socialist members voted for Taulant Balla as the new head of socialist party’s parliamentary group.

It has been learned the Prime Minister will present to parliament his governing program and the composition of the council of ministers on Monday, to then be voted on in a plenary session Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the swearing-in ceremony at the president’s office is expected to happen when President Ilir Meta returns on Wednesday from his official visit to Italy.



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