Tourist season,High number of tourists at Morina’s border point
12/08/2017 - 19:06

A significant number of tourists have crossed Morina’s border point in Kukës again this morning and last night.


Just today, Albanian Border Police have already welcomed 40,000 citizens in 20,000 vehicles from Kosovo, through the Morina border point.


Thousands of vehicles and buses from different travel agencies created long lines for entering Albania.


The Morina border point has seen a high number of tourists since the start of the summer, but these first days of August, the month when most of the citizens start their holidays, have seen a really significant increase in vacationers.


Every year, citizens from Kosovo and Macedonia prefer to spend their holidays on the Albanian coast.


The Border Police are now working with extra staff to face the increased number of tourists and avoid the creation of long lines at the border point.


The Albanian authorities at the border point have taken necessary measures to handle the increase appropriately.


An Ora News observation has seen a high number of vehicles on the national road, and for this reason, the state police has been patrolling along the road axis.


The state police issue a call on the drivers to respect the road rules and keep safe this summer.

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