Toursim, Assoc. of tourism: VAT reduction will increase competition
13/09/2017 - 18:07

A question on everyone’s mind… Will the Prime Minister’s promise for a reform on tourism be realized?

The tourism sector has always been a priority for every government, and the proposals of stakeholders have always been heard, but they have never been implemented.

The President of the Albanian Association of Tourism thinks that the decrease of the Value Added Tax on Tourism will increase competition in this sector.

Only a few hours after the approval of the government’s program in Parliament, the Association of Tourism asked for an immediate intervention in infrastructure, cleaning of beaches and creation of tourist maps, which according to the Association, are integral to improving the sector.

The President of the Association says that the challenge is extraordinary and praises the fact that tourism is being considered as a potential sector for the economy.

According to the President of the Tourism Association, politics should walk in the same line with businesses, in order to have a stable development of tourism.

A high number of foreign tourists, especially Polish, Czech, and Slovenian tourists have entered Albania in the recent 6 months.

According to the latest report from the National Institute of Statistics, a massive 71.1% of foreign tourists in the most recent 7 months are from Poland, and 17.3% from Kosovo.

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